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Tiny Birdhouses Art Project


Tiny Birdhouses

Transform a tiny wooden birdhouse into an imaginative work of art to benefit Oregon’s native wildlife! These little treasures can be created for indoor or outdoor display, to sit on a bookshelf or fence post, or be tucked into a garden pot. Artist & Craftsman Supply is donating the tiny birdhouses—you create the art!

Or you can construct and decorate your own tiny birdhouse, keeping it within the size specifications. Donated artwork will be exhibited and sold at Portland Audubon’s 2019 Wild Arts Festival. Every dollar raised will support Portland Audubon’s conservation and environmental education work.


How to Participate

  1. Pick up a tiny birdhouse at either Artist & Craftsman store

    1. 93 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR

    2. 2906 N Lombard St., Portland OR

  2. Decorate or create your tiny birdhouse

  3. Return your finished art, along with a completed participation form, by November 3 (Sunday) to either

    Artist & Craftsman Supply store

  4. You’ll receive two passes to the Wild Arts Festival as well as coupons to Artist and Craftsman, Portland Audubon’s Nature Store, and Backyard Bird Shop

  5. Your birdhouse will be displayed and sold at the Wild Arts Festival, and you’ll have help raise funds to help protect native birds and their habitat!

Questions? Contact gaygreger@gmail.com

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